Club History

Town of Mount Royal - 1969

Harry Boyd and Mike Rose vs Welsh - 1969

1980 East Coast Tour - Halifax

D. Nicholson, P. Cloutier, R. Wasylyk Vs. Old Boys 1969

Paul Cloutier and Harv Haggerty 1969

Dedication in Thanks to Christopher Krause (1923-1983)

It is very fitting that this volume should honour Chris Krause, the Oshawa Vikings founder and mentor. Chris passed away in the winter of 1983 after a long bout with cancer. In many ways, Chris dedicated his life to rugby and we in a small way dedicate this history to his memory.

His unquenchable enthusiasm for the game and the Vikings did much to promote rugby not only in Durham Region, but in all of Ontario during the early years.

Chris immigrated to Toronto from England in 1951 and was employed with General Motors since 1956. He played wing three-quarters with the Toronto Nomads RFC and held many executive positions with the ORU during the 60’s and 70’s. As Krause’s playing days saw sunset, he devoted his energies to nurturing the club he founded. All of us who have played for the Vikings owe this man a deep debt of gratitude. Without his vision and conviction Oshawa’s citizens would be much poorer. He was and for a long time to come will be the embodiment of rugby in Oshawa.

"42 Active Years"

"42 Active Years"


These two gentlemen have a combined total of forty-two active playing seasons with the Vikings. Tom has twenty-two seasons to his credit and Dave has twenty.

Ours is a demanding game and they are an anomaly of physical endurance and unstinting devotion to the club. Both have shouldered leadership on and off the field consistently over the decades. Hundreds have donned Viking colours but none so long nor so honourably as these two paragons. The club still calls on them for leadership and help to this day.

In an age where dedication and tradition are no longer the mean, their collective endeavors take on greater meaning. As with most things, you get out of Rugby what you put in. Through lean and fat years, they knew that if the club wasn't successful, they wouldn't get their weekly "knock about" - so they worked tirelessly and we all benefitted from their unselfish passion.


D. Thompson, Gerry Tymoshik and Bob Meldrum vs. Welsh 1969

"Twiggy", Bill Jeffs, Joe Pyra and George Carpenter vs Pagans 1969


Most of us will have to stretch our memories quite a bit to remember old teams such as: Old Boys, East Enders, Thornbury Villains, Ajax, Durham, Guelph Agricultural College, Rams, Toronto Pelicans, Canucks, Toronto Banks, Toronto Adders, Colborne, Aurora, Toronto Varsity and Impalas. To some of the older members, these names evoke fond memories of stiff competition and rousing festivities; to the younger, perhaps only a shrug and a blank quizzical stare. These clubs were once earnest going concerns, that even dominated leagues for many seasons, had more than one team, and were financially secure, but for one reason or other faced oblivion.

It is no mean feat to reach the venerable old age of forty five in the Ontario Rugby Union. In fact, the ORU is only nine (9) years older than the Oshawa Vikings. In 1949, the Wanderers were the only club in Ontario, and they played out of Riverdale Park in Toronto. Competition consisted of intra-squad play, exhibition games with touring teams and touring themselves. At this time, groups within the Wanderers split up to form three other teams, known as the Barbarians, Nomads and the Irish Canadians.

Soon immigrants from the British Isles had the Scottish, Welsh, Saracens and others quickly flourishing. These teams, plus the old Canadian footballers from Balmy Beach formed the original senior league of the ORU. These teams were centered in Toronto with younger, weaker intermediate teams springing up on the edges of Toronto, in centres like Oshawa.

Chris Krause, who played for the Nomads in the early fifties, realized that Canadian boys had few opportunities to participate in contact sports after high school. Chris loved rugby, knew it was not difficult to learn and would fill a void for enthusiastic young athletes. If memory serves well, it was Jimmy Stephenson who posed the question, “Why don’t you start your own club, Krause?” Chris did. He got a few fellow workers interested and it was on its way. In the early years, the bulk of the players worked at General Motors, but this slowly changed over the years as Oshawa industry diversified.

Except for a core of British players, most of the Canadian boys knew nothing of the game. They learned quickly though, since there was quite a carry-over in skills from football. Initially, rugby wasn’t a free-flowing and open a game as seen today by the rugby playing world, but that quickly changed. Football strategy and philosophy took time to eradicate.

The name “Vikings” came about from the types of names new clubs were all adopting. Most names wished to denote a historical association with strength, valour and a hint of Celtic rapine and pillage. So much for British heritage!

The club colours were chosen to represent the black of the New Zealand side and the red was an honour paid to Chris’ wife Brenda, whose ancestry was Welsh. This was quite canny on Chris’ part, for how could Brenda deny him time with the rugby team, after such a chivalrous deference.

Oshawa’s early success coincided with the meteoric growth of rugby in Ontario schools, during the 60’s and 70’s. In fact, the forty years of Viking successes and failures mirror the development of high school rugby in Oshawa. In the early years, the bulk of the players were not home grown talent; thankfully that has now changed and the only way for a club to remain vital and have a sustained growth is through youth development. All in all, we as a club have much to be thankful for and much to be proud of.

Memories fade quickly; events, times, names, scores and scorers soon become fog bound. Trying to glean information from any organization as fluid and transient as a rugby club is a Herculean task. That is party the reason for this document; to preserve the roots of this organization for future uses, whatever they may be. The task was made bearable by the ground work laid out by Joe Kolodzie in the early years. His collecting of information in the now famous red scrapbook gave us everything or at the least, in later years, served as a framework of what was going on. Many people were consulted; many wrote outlines, essays or provided information – both verbal or documented. They were all in their own way invaluable.

Special thanks to: Tony Rahilly

Art Cullen

Dave Thompson

Tom Olynik

Harry Boyd

Val Krause

Scott Stephenson

Gary MacLean

Bob Watson

Ray Derry

A most hearty thank you must go to Dagmar Derry for reading and typing the original book from the incoherent ramblings. Without the original book, used to help celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the Vikings, this history of the club may never exist in this form.

For any and all errors made, blame will be resolutely shared with anyone we feel deserving of that blame. As well, anything written about anyone was done not out of malice, nor to hurt or embarrass, but to enliven the rather drab listing of games, scores and scorers. Besides, anyone receiving a quilled dart is known to us to be quite egocentric and will bask in notoriety, good or bad. There is also another way of looking at the situation – think of what we could’ve put down and did not! If this celebration of our forty seven years interests, amuses and at times smacks of truth, it is a success.

Club Captains

1959 Ed Jones/Bill Pascoe

1960 Tom Farquharson

1961 Jim Allison/Don Taylor

1962 Peter Shepherd

1963 Peter Shepherd/Tom Farquharson

1964 Tom Olynik

1965 Tom Olyni Vice: Peter Shepherd

1966 Russ Williams Vice: Bob Meldrum

1967 Dave Thompson

1968 Dave Thompson

1969 Ron Aiken 2nds: Mike Rose

1970 George Carpenter

1971 John Fry/Andy Kit 2nds: Gerry Tymoshik

1972 Rod McCormack 2nds: Gerry Tym./Reg Wasylyk

1973 Glenn Elliott

1974 Mike Nelson

1975 Dave Thompson 2nds: Steve Renton

1976 Joe Pyra 2nds: Bob Watson

1977 Joe Pyra 2nds: Bob Watson

1978 Art Cullen 2nds: Scott Stephenson

1979 Art Cullen 2nds: Scott Stephenson

3rds: Steve Gately

1980 Gary MacLean 2nds: Scott Stephenson

3rds: Steve Gately

1981 Gary MacLean 2nds: Scott Stephenson

1982 John Rutledge 2nds: Scott Stephenson

1983 John Rutledge 2nds: Tony Martin

1984 Dave Kimmerly 2nds: Scott Stephenson

1985 Dave Kimmerly 2nds: Scott Stephenson

1986 Frank Cox 2nds: Ray Derry

1987 Frank Cox 2nds: Brian Brittain

1988 Jeff Moskaluk 2nds: Steve Church

3rds: Mike Stone

1989 Jeff Moskaluk 2nds: Frank Cox

1990 ?

1991 ?

1992 ?

1993 ?

1994 ?

1995 Al Bickle 2nds: Bob Nemec

1996 Scott Jenkins 2nds: Mike Watson

1997 Jeff Horler 2nds: Mike Watson

1998 Chris McKee 2nds: Chris Hardy

3rds: John Watkins

1999 Chris McKee

2000 Chris McKee

2001 ?

2002 ?

2003 ?

2004 Chris Moxley


1959 The Inaugural Season

Official Foundation Date: Thursday, February 12th, 1959

Place: Knights of Columbus Hall

184 Bond Street West, Oshawa, ON

Thirty-five people present – Chris Krause was Chairman of the original meeting.

Elected Executive

President Frank Mooney

Vice President Cliff Gilbride

Secretary Jim Stephenson

Treasurer Bob White

Team Secretary Chris Krause

Public Relations and Membership Terry Kelly

Captain Ed Jones/Bill Pascoe

Spring Season

In those days, the whole spring and early summer were strictly for exhibition play; with league play commencing in September and ending in November. The home games were played at Alexandra Park, with the inaugural three games being played at home in Oshawa.

First Game: Was against the Balmy Beach in a 9-0 defeat on April 6th, 1959

Second Game: Was a 14-3 loss to the Toronto Irish. Terry Kelly scored the club’s first points with a penalty goal on April 13th, 1959.

Third Game: Was an 11-5 loss to Deep River. Ed Kolodzie scored the club’s first try and Terry Kelly scored the club’s first convert on April 14th, 1959.

Vikings First Win: Was on April 29th, 1959 against the Toronto Nomads at High Park by a score of 16-11. The successful spring season augured well for the future, as the “new boys” split their 12 game exhibition season with 6 wins and 6 losses; scoring 158 points while allowing 116 points.

That fall saw extensive reshuffling of executive posts for reasons that are now obscure. They were the following:

President: Ed Jones

Treasurer: Ed Kolodzie

Captain: Bill Pascoe

League Play

Oshawa was undefeated in 7 straight games; amassing 114 points while allowing 12 points. Peterborough and Nomads II really provided the only stiff opposition during league play.

In the semi-final, Peterborough pagans were defeated 5-0 at Eglinton Park in Toronto. Ed Kolodzie scored the try and Terry Kelly converted. This win moved the Vikings into the Intermediate Provincial Finals as Eastern Conference Champs.

The All-Ontario Intermediate “A” Rugger Championships were played on Saturday, November 28th at Eglinton Park in Toronto. After 100 minutes of tight defensive action, the final score read Oshawa 0 – Guelph Ontario Agricultural College 0. The contest was a defensive struggle because of a four inch layer of snow mired each teams offensive capabilities. After a 20 minute overtime period, it was decided to have the two division champions share the Provincial Championship and the trophy.

After the game, a dance was held at a Toronto restaurant and the price of admission was $1.50 per person!

Original Membership list from 1959

Frank Mooney Ken Wright

Chris Krause Jim Dunlop

Ed Kolodzie Stan Cox

Jim Allison Maurice Lake

Terry Kelly Wayne Voege

Jim Stephenson Bob White

Ed Jones Bill Ferguson

Don Lang Jeff Jones

Don Pringle Bo Garrow

Ray Hatter Dave Goldman

Dave Disney Bill Watson

Don Garrow Harold Messerschmidt

Cliff Gilbride Reg Hirst

Bill Pascoe Dave Nicholishen

Bruce McArthur Alf Worrel

Gerry Ryan John Collins

Doug Rodger Dan Kocho

Tom Farquharson Don Taylor

Ontario Intermediate “B” League

Ajax I Peterborough I

Canucks I Saracens II

Nomads II Wanderers II

Old Boys I Balmy Beach II

Oshawa I Scottish II

1960 The Second Season

Elected Executives

President Ed Jones

Vice President Doug Roger

Vice President (publicity) Ed Kolodzie

Club Secretary Jim Stephenson

Treasurer Wayne Voege

Team Secretary Chris Krause

Assistant Publicity Bill Pascoe

Coach Graham Crerar

Captain Tom Farquharson

Assistant Captain Don Pringle

Historical Notes

At the AGM the ledgers showed a balance of $95.38 at the end of first year of operation. Allowing for inflation, most clubs would be happy to end the year with that kind of figure. Dues were $10 with students paying $5. The books upon close scrutiny show that Tom Olynik still owes $10 for the spring and fall seasons. ORU dues were $90 in 1960 and our archives show the beginning of a lengthy and fond association with the Cadillac Hotel. Chris had started working on an International tour – Anywhere would do! Three Vikings were asked to be trialists for the Ontario side against a British touring team. Their names are now lost… somewhere in the Twilight Zone…

Spring Exhibition

Three teams were entered in competition. The 1sts in Senior play upset the Nomads 17-3. Oshawa’s first senior game saw Terry Kelly with five points, Dave Goldman, Reg Hirst, Tom Farquharson and Jerry Ryan with a try each. The 2nds playing in Intermediate “A” lost to Nomads II 6-0. A junior side made up of the better rugby players from Central and Donevan Collegiates played in a league with the more established teams from Toronto. These high school players, Mush and Dave Nicholishen, Jerry Tymoshik, Tony Saramack, Larry Nancekivell, Jim Hinkson, Tom Olynik, and Ron McKnight soon become the stalwarts of the 1st team.

The City of Oshawa honoured the “rugby champs” on April 6th at the home of Tom Gresham by presenting the team members with individual trophies. They had to bring their own refreshments.

April 16th vs. Saracens RFC at Agincourt

1st Team 2nd Team

Terry Kelly R. McKnight

Montgomery Fisher

Goldman Tymoshik

Farquharson J. McKnight

Disney Saramack

Taylor R. Williams

Kocho Turner

Estabrooks T. Disney

McArthur Ash

Rodger McGarth

Ryan Warrell

Collins Denholme

Allison Boyd

Sheppard Evans

M. Nicholishen Millington

Three seven-a-side tournament were entered this spring. The Deep River association continued up to 1967 while the hedonistic relationship with the Montreal 7’s petered out in the mid-70’s when we finally became persona non grata! In the 1960’s, Oshawa was extremely competitive in these tournaments. In fact, Chris eulogized to the membership in one of his frequent missives, “that with just a pinch of coon shit, we would have won one of the tournaments!!” In other words, “very pithy stuff!”

Fall League Season

Oshawa’s debut in the Senior League lacked the chronicling that the previous year inspired. Huge blanks appear and it is assumed that these games were not very important or at the least bit embarrassing. One entry states that the “Senior League was dominated by the powerhouse teams from the Scottish and Balmy Beach… but… Oshawa remained respectable by losing some and winning some!” With evidence such as that at hand, let us be circumspect and say that the Senior team had a .500 season, while the 2nds in the Intermediate “A” league were in the top three contenders. At the end of the season, the membership decided they were not enjoying rugby in the Senior division. The consensus was to participate in the less demanding Intermediate divisions with one team while the second team would only play exhibition matches.



Elected Executive

President Tom Gresham

Vice President Jim Stephenson

Secretary Ed Jones

Treasurer Wayne Voege

Team Secretary Chris Krause

Public Relations Keith Williams

Captain Jim Allison/Don Taylor

Coach Graham Crerar

Historical Notes:

Plans are afoot to build showering facilities at Lakeview Park at club cost and to donate it to the city. Spring training took place at Simcoe Hall and Captain Jim Allison had to resign due to an early season knee injury, with Don Taylor taking the position but soon have to give it up because of a shoulder dislocation. It appears to have been a tough season on captains.

Five players from the ’59 and ’60 seasons have retired as well as Larry Nancekivell playing for U of T and Dave Goldman captaining the new Western team. Chris Krause became a Director of the ORU.

The “End of Season Dance” was held at the Grandview Golf Club on Saturday, December 2nd. It was $2.50 per couple and BYOB. The teams started a time honoured tradition of meeting at the South End Tavern before away games.

A club strategic plan and personality has been defined and developed over the subsequent decades – That of letting the opponents do all the work in the first half and then doing them in when they are supine in the second half. We also learned to let them run up hill in the second half.

All-Ontario High School Rugger Tournament, May 29th, 1961

This was the first annual tournament. It was held at Donevan Collegiate in Oshawa and it was a tremendous success. The Vikings had much to do with it and a large measure of its success was due to the club’s assistance. The club in return enhanced its playing membership, as most of the senior members of Donevan’s and Central’s teams went on to star with the Vikings for the next decade and a half.

Fall Season

Vikings were in the Intermediate Northern League

The league was:

Peterborough I York County

Ajax I Old Boys I

Nomads II Wanderers II

Thornbury I Oshawa I

Vikings captured third place in the eight team conference, one point out of first place. Toronto Old Boys and Toronto nomads were tied for first.

Top scorer for the Vikings was the placing kicking specialist Terry Kelly with 47 points. Dave Goldman was the second with 14 points (all in one game). Jim Hinkson and Tom Farquharson with 12 points each and fifteen other players scored at least one try for three points. A total of thirty-five players participated this season. Tom Gresham had the distinction of playing for a grand total of five minutes!


1962– The Fourth Season

President Jim Stephenson

Vice President Bill Watson

Club Secretary Chris Krause

Team Secretary Tom Farquharson

Assistant Team Secretary Bernie Derrie

Field Hockey Secretary Harold Messerschmidt

Treasurer Harry Boyd

Entertainment Secretary Don Patterson

Captain Peter Shepherd

Publicity Ed Kolodzie

Historical Notes

A special general meeting was held on Sunday May 27 to discuss the possibility of forming an amateur sports club to include Rugby, Cricket and Field Hockey. Female members were to be called the Valkyries. Training sessions were held at Donevan Collegiate and refreshment held at the Cadillac.

On Sunday, November 18, a special general meeting was held; the topic of discussion being conflict within the club. To quote Chris Krause in an open letter to all Vikings… “I know that most of our members are in agreement that a little purge is long overdue. Even if this means reconstituting the club and throwing out the inactive hangers on and deadwood… we must not again entrust boys with men’s jobs!”

In four years of play no Oshawa Viking had been sent off. That record was subsequently and repeatedly broken by many a Viking.

The second annual Ontario Schools seven-a-side Rugger Tournament was held on May 26th , 1962 at Dr. F.J. Donevan Collegiate in Oshawa. This year nineteen teams took part with Donevan capturing two of the three titles. Thus began an unprecedented domination of high school rugby in Ontario by Donevan lasting until the format was changed in 1970 to 15-a side. The Donevan 7’s are still talked about in Ontario rugby circles as the most successful schoolboy rugby program ever run in Canada. Again, the Vikings were of great help in running this outstanding event.

Spring Season

Vikings took part in three seven-a-side tournament this May and one in June.

May 12 London

May19 Toronto for Ontario “7’s”

May 26 Montreal

June 9 Deep River

In the Ontario “7’s”, the Vikings reached the semi-finals but were beaten 8-0 by the Rams. Members of that team were: Russ Williams, Bill Lockwood, Tom Olynik, Terry Kelly, Wayne Voege, Ron Lace and Larry Nancekivell.

The Oshawa Vikings field hockey team officially opened their home season Sunday at Lakeview Park, with an Exhibition game against Toronto which the Vikings lost 6-1.

The annual Viking Dance was held at St. Gregory’s Auditorium, on Saturday February 23 at $3.00 per couple.

Fall League Play

Northern Conference of Intermediate League


W-L-T Points

1. Ajax 6-0-1 13

2.Aurora Yorks 4-2-1 9

3. Thornbury 4-3-0 8

4. Nomads II 3-3-1 7

5. Vikings 3-4-0 6

6. Wanderers 3-4-0 6

7. Peterborough 2-4-1 5

8. Toronto Banks 0-5-2 2

Harry Boyd got the season’s first try in the contest with Peterborough. For obvious reason, this could be considered and rebuilding year. In fact, it was the least memorable finish in four years. We won three games out of seven league games, landing in fifth place in the eight team loop.

Actually, the problem was that the club had enough players for one team, but not enough for two. So the eight or ten who didn’t dress for the games slowly and quietly drifted off making it more difficult to field one strong team. Added to this was the increasing number of young players who returned to university in the fall. This is why the Vikings won the first three games and lost the last four. The problem still haunts us to this day!

On October 20, 1962, Oshawa traveled to Ann Arbor in Michigan to play the University team. This is a historical trip in many ways, as it was the Vikings first international match. Members of that momentous tour were the following:

Cy Merlin Don Pringle

Ron Lace Peter Shepherd

Wayne Voege Bill Millington

Bo Garrow Harry Boyd

Bill Lockwood Tom Olynik

Russ Williams Keith Williams

1963 – The Fifth Year

President Terry Kelly

Vice President Bill Watson

Club Secretary Bill Lockwood

Treasurer Dave Nicholishen

Match Secretary George Ward

Public Relations Keith Williams

Entertainment Brian Collins

Captain Peter Shepherd/Tom Farquharson

Historical Notes

The Vikings have a clubhouse, located on highway #2 at the present site of Knob Hill Farms(?).

The AGM was held at the Genosha Hotel in Oshawa on Monday March 4 and it was decided to run two teams in the Intermediate League. The club was embarrassed for not providing regular games for all those who wished to play during the fall season. The club was still finding it difficult to get firm commitments from members for consistent turnouts during the spring and fall season.

The field hockey team was still going strong. Home games were played at Kinsmen Stadium and training sessions were held at McLaughlin Collegiate.

Beer was sold for $1/four beers. Monday was club night at the clubhouse.

Fall Season

Vikings I were playing in the Intermediate East League with Colborne, Saracens II, Wanderers II, Peterborough and Ajax. Vikings II were known as the Vandals and played in the Intermediate Central league with Victoria College, Nomads II, Welsh II, Old Boys and Canucks.

In a game against the Wanderers, Dave Nicholishen scored five tries in a 35-6 drubbing. In fact, Dave’s playing had selectors considering him for a place on the Eastern Canadian Team playing Scotland.

Again, Oshawa traveled to Ann Arbor for an exhibition contest; the outcome being and 8-8 tie.

The Vandals being the weaker sisters had a losing season with one win, five losses and one defaulted game. The Old Boys dominated the season and won the League.

The Vikings on the other hand, had stiff competition from Ajax but won the league by a nip and tuck. In fact, Oshawa was tied with Ajax, but won by virtue of having scored eight more points that Ajax during league play.


W-L-T Pts For Pts Against Pts

Oshawa 6-1-1 100 30 13

Ajax 6-1-1 88 26 13

Spring season

The two Oshawa high schools that were provincial hotbeds of rugby continued their winning ways and walked away with two of the three championships. Three members of the Donevan Junior Champions played for the Vikings for many years after graduating. These members were Guy Foreman, Joe Pyra and Glenn Elliott. Joe serves on the Board of Directors and commits his time to various tasks around the club. Talk about continued commitment! Much gratitude must be given to the coaches for their untiring work. These coaches were Don McIlveen from Central Collegiate and John Elliot from Donevan. Without these men’s support, rugby in Oshawa would probably have not prospered to the degree it did.

The spring season was a huge success, with Oshawa traveling to three seven-a-side tournaments and playing in ten challenge matches. Oshawa was very strong and won most of those matches. Bill Watson was leaving Oshawa and moving to Toronto, but we saw Bill for many seasons as he played with the Balmy Beach Brethren. Tom Farquharson assumed the duties of First Team Captain as Pete Shepherd had to recuperate from a recurring injury.

The semi-final was against the Aurora Yorks, in Brougham on Saturday, November 16. Oshawa defeated the Northern League Champs by a score of 13-5. The scorers for Oshawa were: Tom Farquharson (3), Terry Kelly (4), Dave Nicholishen (3), and Wayne Voege (3). The other members of that team were: Keith Williams, Ron McKnight, Bill Lockwood, Ted McLean, Mark Maly, Eric Neilson, Jerry McKnight, Garney Gunn, Gibson, Bruce McArthur and Alex Chaszewski, Ron Lace and Tom Olynik.

In the Intermediate Final, Oshawa met some old faces from the Old Boys RFC. The game was played at Eglinton Flats on Saturday November 23. Oshawa played well, but lost in a hard contest by a score of 11-0. At this time, there were only four active members from the 1959 championship team: Tom Farquharson, Terry Kelly, Wayne Voege and Don Pringle.

1964 – The Sixth Season

Elected Executive

President Bill Lockwood

Vice President Roger McKnight

Club Secretary Garney Gunn

Treasurer Tom Chaszewski

Team Secretary Chris Krause

Captain Tom Olynik

Vice Captain Pete Shepherd

Historical Notes

The Vikings sponsored the first annual Oshawa High School Rugger Tournament. Terry Kelly donated the Senior Trophy, Ed Kolodzie the Bantam trophy and Chris Krause the Junior trophy. As well, Bruce McArthur, Chris Krause, Terry Kelly and Dave Goldman all volunteered their services for the day as referees.

The Vikings also hosted five members and the mnager of the touring Scottish National Team for a few days in May. These talented players held memorable coaching session for the high schools at Donevan.

1965- The Seventh Season

The AGM was held at the Oshawa Civic Auditorium on Wednesday March 31 at 8pm.

Elected Executive

President Bill Lockwood

Vice President Roger McKnight

Club Secretary Garney Gunn

Team Secretary Chris Krause

Treasurer Tom Chaszewski

Captain Tom Olynik

Vice Captain Pete Shepherd

Publicity Terry Kelly

Entertainment Roger McKnight

Historical Notes

Ajax RFC, which was founded in 1956, folded after a disastrous 1965 season. A sad end to one of Oshawa’s arch rivals. Fletcher’s Fields were opened on June 5th. Dennis Fletcher for whom the Fields were named was a great friend to Ontario Rugby and had died the previous year.

“Tom Olynik, Ontario Rugger Star Feted by Fellow Vikings” read the headline in the Oshawa Times. The accompanying photos shows many a prominent Viking very happily wishing Tom their best on his up coming nuptials. Their countenance all show a marked relief as if they were very pleased to be sharing the club’s burden with someone else!

The above item reminds us at times of the document that has been lost to the Vikings Social Committees for 30 years… the last time it was used was in May 1969 at the Officers Mess of the Oshawa Armories. For over a decade this document was instrumental in running dances, beer ups, corn and wiener roasts and other sundry functions by the Vikings. To a few Vikings, it even brought matrimonial bliss. It was found by the archivist while cataloging the historical effects of a deceased member. Plainly put, it was found in Chris Krause’s old kit bag.

Spring Exhibition Season

It began on April 3 and ended on June 5 with ten games against various Toronto teams along with the traditional game with Deep River and the pilgrimage to Montreal for the Quebec 7’s.

Although not all scores of these challenges are inscribed in stone, we are led to believe that it was a very successful season because we have a plaintiff missive from Garney Gunn, the club secretary admonishing the great unwashed for their cavalier attitude. Here we quote Mr. Gunn, “The 1965 fall season is shaping up to be one of the most successful in club history. We have two teams, each with excellent chances to reach the playoffs and a long list of people wanting to play the game. On the past weekend, three players failed to show for the B team game giving no word to the Team manager. Seven players failed to show for the A game, again giving no word to the team manager.”

We have no record of who those players were. Those seven offenders, please remember that there may be twenty-three others plotting their revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!

Balmy Beach beat us 23-0, the Barbarians did the same by a score of 12-0 and we edged the Old Boys by a score of 5-3.

Thirteen of the fifteen who played in this game were born in Canada. This was quite a tribute to the growing popularity of rugby in Canada.

In the Quebec 7’s, we were narrowly defeated in the Consolation Final by Montreal Wanderers by a score of 3-1. Members of that team were: Tom Olynik, Moe Korchynski, Tony Saramak, Dave Nicholishen, Gerry Tymoshik, Roger McKnight, Dave Robins and Reg Wasylyk. This was the weekend that one Vikings spent in bed spitting on the ceiling!

The 5th Annual Ontario Schools 7-a-side tournament was held in Peterborough and organized by the Peterborough Pagans RFC. Donevan Collegiate again dominated the tourney, walking away with the Bantam and Junior titles. The following junior members later played for or became Vikings: Bob Calford, Marion Beilak, Greg Medinski, Dave Luke, Bob Kreasul and Dane Tutton. This year 22 schools participated with 35 teams enters and played 62 games. Clearly rugger in Ontario was prospering.

Fall League Season

Vikings “A” played in the Eastern Intermediate League

Team For Against

1. Saracens 11 3

2. C.A.S.A. 29 0

3. Ajax 14 0

4. Nomads 3 3

5. Peterborough 8 3

6. Saracens 6 3

7. C.A.S.A. 17 3

8. Nomads 24 0

9. Peterborough 20 3

10. Ajax 15 0

Oshawa 1 147 points for, 18 points against

The firsts beat Peterborough Pagans 20-3 On Saturday November 13 in Peterborough to win the 1965 championship. Terry Kelly, the only original member left, scored 14 points. Brian Hall and Geoff Stockwell scored tries each. Other members of that team were Tom Olynik, Pete Shepherd, Gerry Tymoshik, Garney Gunn, Bob Meldrum, Ron Aiken, Rex Williams and Reg Wasylyk. This win gave the Vikings “A” an undefeated season of nine wins and one tie.

Vikings “B” played in the Central Intermediate League and ended the season in third place behind Wanderers II and the league winners, Old Boys.

In the semi-final against the Central division winner Old Boys, Oshawa trounced them 22-0 at Lakeview Park on Saturday, November 20. Tries were scored by Tom Olynik, Rex Williams, Ron Aiken, Geoff Stockwell, and Brian Hall. Terry Kelly scored seven points through converts and penalties. Other members of that team were George Sainsbury, Pete Shepherd, Bob Meldrum, Gary Bruce, Dave Thompson, Garney Gunn, Gerry Tymoshik, Bill Lockwood and Russ Williams.

The final against the Kitchener Pirates was a 0-0 draw. The game was played at the “Square” on Saturday, November 27. The weather with high winds and a water logged pitch prevented wide open rugby. The captains, after regulation, decided to share the Intermediate Championship instead of playing overtime. This conclusion was not acceptable to the ORU Executive and they ordered the game replayed in the spring on June 4. The only change in the team line up was the addition of Don Pringle.

1966 – The Eighth Season

The Elected Executive

President Terry Kelly

Vice President Harry Boyd

Club Secretary Pat MacDonnell

Match Secretary Chris Krause

Treasurer Don Pringle

Entertainment Lionel Tilley

Captain Russ Williams

Vice Captain Bob Meldrum

Historical Notes

Training sessions were being held at O’Neill Collegiate and Miss Donna Smith was named “Miss Viking of 1966”. The ever optimistic Chris Krause was rubbing his hands in glee and telling the Oshawa Times that the Vikings would probably be running four teams this season. Gary Bruce had left the club to play top provincial rugby in Quebec; he was sorely missed. Jack Rennie was also leaving for environs unknown; but he, like all bad pennies would return. Balance at the end of 1966 was $14.00.

The ORU thinks “our game is too slow and our handling inept” and wants Ontario clubs to “train oftener and harder for the fall season”. The reason for this diatribe is because the Ontario side was defeated 53-3 at the hands of BC. “The alternative is to drift on as we have now been for ten years, enjoying our Rugby possibly even more than most Unions; a Saturday evening punt-about followed by jugs of ale had a great deal to commend it: - ask my middle-aged player!”

Spring Exhibition Season

The sixth Annual Ontario School 7-a-side Tournament was held on Monday, May 23 at Fletcher’s Fields. For the first time, the ORU organizers decided to have weight limits for the various age groups. This was a response to the complaints by some schools who had small populations as well as small teams. The Oshawa teams all fared well, but none came home with the silver except, once again, the Junior entry from Donevan CI. In all, 29 teams competed and played a total of 54 games.

Exhibition pay this spring was most important and was approached in a very earnest manner. There was a 1965 Intermediate Championship to be played. For the spring encounters, we had only three games with scores, the rest of the results have been lost over the years. Balmy beach was defeated 11-6 one weekend and the following weekend they won 14-6. On Saturday April 23 the Nomads were defeated 9-0 at Victoria Square.

Viking tries came from the following. Len Bobbie, Gary Bruce, Charles Mendelman and Dave Thompson. The Annual rubber match with Deep River RFC was a great success and our archives show letters of appreciation from Oshawa for supporting Deep River while it struggled in the “bush leagues.”

In the Championship game against Kitchener, Oshawa went down to a 6-3 score; no tries were scored. There is no record of the game, other than the score. Kitchener, with that win, moved up to Senior level and the Viking Firsts played in the Eastern League with Peterborough I, Scottish II, Nomads II, Saracens II and C.A.S.A.

The seconds played in the Northern League with Camp Borden, Aurora, Canucks, Balmy Beach II and Welsh I, while the thirds played in the Toronto and District League with Peterborough II, Wanderers III, Hamilton II, Irish III, Nomads III, Old Boys II and Barbarians II.

Fall League Season

There is not one record of the thirty odd games played by the Vikings that fall. That whole season seems to have been written in sand. The loss to Kitchener seems to take the wind right out of the club’s sails and it wasn’t until the 1969 season that we were on the right track again. The 1967 season was a winning one, but not complete for many reasons. Chris Krause kept lists of the teams playing, which remained as the only way to know who played that season.

1966 was the last season for Terry Kelly, who hung up his boots for the last time. He was the final retiree from the championship team in1959 and was a great contributor to rugby’s growth on and off the field. Terry still supports the club today.


1967 – The Ninth Season

Elected Executive

President Chris Krause

Vice President Harry Boyd

Club Secretary John Garven

Treasurer Dave Thompson

Team Secretary Pete Shepherd

Asst. Team Sec. Geoff Stockwell

Captain Dave Thompson

More to come as the data gets converted to digital format….pictures to follow, as well - if you have anything to contribute, please contact us!

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