Krause Tournament

2012 Chris Krause Tournament

Saturday April 28th 2012 Men Divison (8 teams)
Saturday May 5th 2012 Women (8 teams) 
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Chris Krause

Chris Krause was born in England in 1923 and immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1951. He played wing-three-quarter with the Toronto Nomads in the early 1950s, and started working for General Motors in Oshawa in 1956.

Chris realised that the Canadian boys had few opportunities to participate in contact sports after high school, and believe that rugby would fill a void for enthusiastic young athletes. When somebody - possibly Jimmy Stephenson - said "Why don't you start your own club, Krause?", Chris did exactly that.

The official foundation date for the Oshawa Vikings R.F.C. was Thursday, 12 February 1959.

Chris and the Vikings club were also very active in the development of schools rugby in the Oshawa area, and the success of Oshawa schools in the early Ontario High School Championships, which Chris helped organise, contributed significantly to the club's growth through the 1960s.

Chris Krause passed away in the winter of 1983 following a lengthy battle with cancer. We all miss his enthusiasm and tenacity. We honour his memory with an annual Men's and Women's tournament held on consecutive weekends in the spring.

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